01 Dec, 2023
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Should You Eat Carbs After A Nighttime Run? What To Consider – Health Digest

According to Self, eating refined carbohydrates at night gets quickly converted to glucose. If you don’t need the excess glucose, your body stores it as fat. In other words, eating too many refined carbs at night can eventually lead to weight gain. However, you can opt for unrefined carbs to help fuel your recovery. One […]

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The Protein-Rich Food You Should Avoid Eating Before A Long Run – Health Digest

While protein bars may not be ideal for a pre-run snack due to their slower digestion rate, they come into their own after a run, offering a range of advantages that can aid in recovery and overall post-run nutrition. During your run, your body taps into its glycogen reserves as its primary energy source (via […]

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Skip This Protein-Packed Drink Before Going On A Run – Health Digest

A cup of 1% milk has 8 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat. According to the Cleveland Clinic, protein and fat take longer to digest, so milk might have your stomach gurgling as it tries to digest during your run. That could leave you feeling a little sick and sluggish for the track. […]