24 Jun, 2024
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Can A Therapist Break Confidentiality? A Mental Health Expert Weighs In – Health Digest

Dr. Santan goes on to explain that a therapist would be able to break patient confidentiality in the event of an emergency. For example, confidentiality could be broken if “the therapist has reasonable suspicion that the patient is a danger to themselves or to others (suicidal or homicidal),” Dr. Santan states. The same is true […]

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Expert Advice On How To Break Up With Your Therapist – Health Digest

Rather than ghosting your therapist, Landrum suggests scheduling a session so you can keep the dialogue open and explore any unresolved issues. She also stresses being honest. “By clearly communicating your concerns, you can help ensure a constructive conversation,” she said. “The collaboration may highlight areas the therapist needs to work on (such as cultural […]