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The difference between a medicine that is usually found in pharmacies and a biological medicine is in its active substance. That of the biological medicine was produced by, or extracted from, the living, while that of the non-biological drug is based on chemical synthesis. The biological medicine has a high specificity of action and an optimized quality.

Our french online pharmacy is committed to select quality and recognized products that will help all suffering people. We wanted to favor the natural and organic side of our medicines and food supplements in order to meet an obvious demand from consumers. Today, more and more people are paying attention to their health and well-being, and are turning to a more natural medication, considered healthier. Concerned about the concerns of our customers and future customers, we have selected the best products on the market for our pharmacy on internet.

Our app makes managing your NHS prescriptions easy. With everything in one place, you don't need to contact or visit your GP to request a prescription. We'll send your requests to your GP for you. Sign up is quick and simple Get your prescriptions delivered to your door Click and Collect your orders from a Well pharmacy if you prefer

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May 3rd 2006

We pride ourselves on our wide selection of medicines online and being one the leaders of pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US. From our network of international online pharmacies, fulfillment centers and Canadian pharmacy that fill US prescriptions, PricePro Pharmacy connects American residents with their preferred prescription drug choices at savings of up to 80%! We strive to find you the lowest price that include some of the more well-known products include:

May 1st 2006

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Even in the worst-case scenario, an unsympathetic agent might confiscate the drugs - but not arrest you. Ordering drugs online from foreign pharmacies also tends to go largely unchallenged. Legally, the FDA can refuse entry of the package at an international mail facility. "That does happen from time to time," but not often, says Levitt.

Customers often as: what makes generics so inexpensive? Many believe that once a drug is made up using high standards for materials and manufacture, it cannot be affordable any longer. They are wrong though. The rationale behind reduced cost is that the producer does not have to develop the formula. First of all, companies producing generics do not invent new medicines, they use formulas invented by original manufacturers. In addition, most generics offered on the global market are manufactured in developing countries, where salaries and prices are minimal.