15 Apr, 2024
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High Cholesterol Has An Unexpected Effect On A Man’s Sex Life – Health Digest

All the cholesterol in your body is not bad. In fact, cholesterol serves the important function of helping your body produce cell membranes, vitamin D, and sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Having healthy cholesterol levels means having higher levels of what is known as “good” or high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and lower levels of “bad” or low-density lipoprotein […]

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Eating Chocolate Has An Unexpected Effect On A Man’s Sex Life – Health Digest

Some claim that the high cocoa content in dark chocolate also means a higher concentration of the endorphin-boosting compound phenylethylamine. There is also a theory about how certain chemicals found in dark chocolate help slow down the metabolism of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid in your brain that works similar to how THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) does, boosting dopamine […]

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Eating Watermelon Has An Unexpected Effect On A Man’s Sex Life – Health Digest

Perhaps the fruit’s most touted benefit when it comes to a man’s sex life is its effect on erectile dysfunction. Researchers credit the amino acid citrulline found in this tropical fruit for improving symptoms of ED. More specifically, your body converts citrulline into arginine which boosts blood flow to the penis.  According to a 2013 study done on mice […]

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Ultra-processed foods: 6 steps to unprocess your life  – Healthista

Recent studies reveal the link between health issues and ultra-processed foods. Nutritionist Rob Hobson, author of Unprocess Your Life reveals 6 steps to unprocessing your life  We are all living a faster pace of life, which has influenced our food choices and how we eat. The biggest drivers for food choice have become convenience and budget, […]

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Turns Out Eating This Popular Protein Can Enhance Your Sex Life – Health Digest

If you’re looking to get in some omega-3s, you can’t do much better than salmon. These healthy fats support the health of our cells, organs, as well as our cognitive functioning (via WebMD). Omega-3 fatty acids also boost dopamine release, the same action that occurs during orgasm. This makes sense when you consider that dopamine […]

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What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Nap Every Day – Health Digest

Lack of sleep has been linked with low libido and poor sexual arousal in women and erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. According to sleep scientist Matthew Walker, our reproductive hormones, crucial for sexual health, are impacted when we don’t get enough sleep (per TED). “Young men who are sleeping just five hours a night for one week will […]

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Tips For A Healthy Sex Life As You Age, According To Dr. Ruth – Health Digest

The biggest concern Dr. Ruth has come across when it comes to sex as you age has to do with erectile dysfunction (ED), she told Life Extension. But what men need to know about their sexual health as they age is that ED could be a result of something physical or psychological, and medication doesn’t always have […]

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When You Stop Exercising, This Is What Happens To Your Sex Life – Health Digest

How you feel mentally and emotionally can have a significant impact on how you feel in the bedroom. Exercise releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, which are natural painkillers and mood boosters. Regular exercise also has an effect on your stress levels by reducing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. So it is no wonder that when you stop […]

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What Life Is Like After A Stomach Cancer Diagnosis – Health Digest

Early detection can greatly direct treatment plans and thereby your quality of life. While stage 1 stomach cancer might only include surgery to remove the tumor, stages 2, 3, and 4 will look a lot different. Chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy can be part of the treatment plan. Using anticancer drugs like fluorouracil and cisplatin to […]

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Tell-Tale Signs A Person Is In Pain At The End Of Life – Health Digest

In some cases, a dying person may be able to vocalize that they’re experiencing pain. If not, take note of their body language. If the person grimaces, moans, stiffens, tightens their fists, or clenches their teeth — particularly if this occurs while you’re attempting to shift or reposition them — then these are indications the […]