22 Jul, 2024
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Eating Chocolate Has An Unexpected Effect On A Man’s Sex Life – Health Digest

Some claim that the high cocoa content in dark chocolate also means a higher concentration of the endorphin-boosting compound phenylethylamine. There is also a theory about how certain chemicals found in dark chocolate help slow down the metabolism of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid in your brain that works similar to how THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) does, boosting dopamine […]

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Eating Chocolate Every Day Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Gut – Health Digest

Commenting on a 2014 report presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, one of the Louisiana State University researchers involved in the study, Maria Moore, explained that the good bacteria in your gut, namely Bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria, feast on dark chocolate, and grow and ferment it, resulting in anti-inflammatory compounds being released […]

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Can Eating Too Much Chocolate Actually Kill You? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

It’s not likely that you could eat so much chocolate to suffer from theobromine toxicity. A toxic dose in humans is 1,000 milligrams (or 1 gram) of theobromine for each kilogram of body weight. For someone weighing 150 pounds, that’s 68,000 milligrams (68 grams) of theobromine. An ounce (28 grams) of dark chocolate with 70 […]

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How Many Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Equal A Cup Of Coffee? (It’s Fewer Than You Think) – Health Digest

Let’s take a look at a 3.5-ounce bag of Taza Perfectly Unrefined Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans made with 55% dark chocolate. In a 28-gram serving, which the company equates to approximately 36 beans, you’ll find 135 milligrams of caffeine (via Taza). This boils down to 3.75 milligrams of caffeine per bean. In an 8-ounce cup […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Chocolate Before A Workout – Health Digest

Centralitalliance/Getty Images Going to the gym or hyping yourself up for a workout can be difficult on some days. At times like these, you might wish that you could turn to your favorite snack for a quick boost of endorphins and energy. Enter a bar of chocolate sitting in your gym bag. How bad can it […]