09 Dec, 2023
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Can The Way You Sleep Change Your Personality? What We Know – Health Digest

To adequately differentiate between genetic and environmental factors’ impact on sleep, the study amalgamated a large sample of twins to act as participants. Given that twins share the same genotype, or genetics, utilizing twins in the study was crucial to highlight and substantiate the differences between genetically-induced outcomes and environmentally-induced ones. The study first assessed […]

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3 ways to heal trauma from within  – Healthista

Healing from trauma has no time limit on it. Nicci Roscoe author of new book, Manifest Your Everything and accomplished holistic health & wellbeing practitioner reveals 3 ways to heal trauma from within Suffering any kind of trauma can be frightening and debilitating. It can send you into a state of emotional turmoil and can […]

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The Unexpected Reasons People Swear In Their Sleep – Health Digest

In the 2017 article, researchers analyzed over 200 French-speaking adults who experienced sleep talking on a regular basis. Some participants had additional sleep disorders including REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD), sleepwalking, or night terrors. The researchers conducted patient interviews and used video and sound recordings to track patient sleep. The study team made note of […]

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Is It Safe To Take Medicine Right Before Going To Sleep? Here’s What Our Expert Has To Say – Health Digest

According to WellRx, diuretics are meant to assist the kidneys in shuttling excess salt and water from the body. Therefore, diuretics can keep you awake if you take them before bed because you’re more likely to get out of bed to run to the bathroom.  Stimulant medications that treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are meant […]

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Adding This Drink Combo To Your Diet May Just Improve Your Sleep – Health Digest

Horlicks milk was originally conceived as a powdered baby formula (via Atlas Obscura). It was made with grounded malted barley that was converted into easily digestible sugars and then added to milk. Eventually, dried milk was added to the powder to produce a high-calorie milk. Malted milk powder is now added to ice cream and […]

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What Happens To Your Body If You Sleep With The TV On – Health Digest

Occurring approximately one hour into our sleep time, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is important for consolidating memories, processing emotions, and the development of the brain (via the Sleep Foundation). REM sleep is also where most of our most vivid dreams occur. According to a 2012 study published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neurosciences, deprivation of REM sleep […]

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How Much Weight Can You Really Lose While You Sleep? – Health Digest

Everything from your metabolism, hunger hormone, and stress response is influenced by how much and how well you sleep. And these factors all contribute toward maintaining a healthy weight. According to double board-certified clinical psychologist and clinical sleep specialist, Dr. Michael J. Breus (via Sleep Doctor), a slowing down of metabolism is one effect of sleep deprivation. “There’s […]

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Is It Safe To Sleep In Compression Socks? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

Juliealexk/Getty Images Compression socks apply pressure to the legs, ankles, and feet. By doing so, they help improve blood flow and prevent the pooling of blood in the veins, which can be highly beneficial for people who suffer from circulation issues or who are at risk for blood clots. In addition, compression socks can also be […]

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You More Likely Have An Anxious Personality Type If You Sleep Like This – Health Digest

Idzikowski — who did a study on sleeping positions and what they said about someone’s personality traits and health involving 1,000 participants — found that the fetal position was the most common, amounting to 41% of the study’s subjects, per BBC. The position was also most preferred by women.  Sleeping bunched up like a ball was linked […]

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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Too Much Protein Right Before Going To Sleep – Health Digest

Your body is made in such a way that when it’s gearing down for rest, things like digestion and insulin sensitivity change.  “When you eat late at night, you’re going against your body’s circadian rhythm,” explained registered dietitian Alexis Supan (via Cleveland Clinic). While insulin sensitivity is on alert during the day to help your body get through […]