04 Dec, 2023
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Strengthen Your Bones With This Unexpected Canned Food – Health Digest

Cracking open a can doesn’t typically make you think of calcium for your bones, but surprisingly, beans and lentils can have a good amount of it. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), winged beans have 244 milligrams of calcium in a cup. White beans also have an impressive amount coming in at 161 […]

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The Stomach Vacuum Exercise Trend Is An Easy Way To Strengthen Your Core – Health Digest

TikTok has a way of hyping up a trend so much so that it feels new and exciting, but according to Beverly Hills, California-based pilates instructor, Nonna Gleyzer (via Everyday Health), “People have been doing this type of breathing exercise for hundreds of years, specifically in the kundalini yoga practice.” In fact, every time you hear a fitness […]

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Exercises You Should Do To Strengthen Your Chest – Health Digest

Just like with the pushup variations, changing the positioning of your body during a bench press will slightly change how the exercise targets your muscles. The incline bench press puts a bit more emphasis on the upper pecs and the shoulder muscles.  To get started, you’ll need an incline bench. This is typically an adjustable […]