13 Jun, 2024
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Men And Women Over 50 Should Avoid Eating This Popular Dinner Food – Health Digest

According to a 2019 article in Public Health Nutrition, you can see if a food is ultra-processed by checking the list of ingredients. Processed ingredients are those you typically won’t find in your kitchen, including mechanically separated meats, hydrogenated oils, and additives to improve their shelf life. This includes pre-packaged pasta and pizza. A double pepperoni […]

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Hailey Bieber’s Unusual Pregnancy Food Craving Explained – Health Digest

While we don’t know the exact cause of food cravings during pregnancy, hormones, cultural factors, and nutritional deficits are a few components thought to potentially play a role (via Frontiers in Psychology). Houston Methodist adds that pregnant individuals may also be drawn to certain foods that help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, such as nausea or vomiting. […]

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Men Over 50 Should Avoid Eating This Popular Breakfast Food – Health Digest

The American Heart Association suggests that men should limit their daily sugar intake to 36 grams a day. If you start your day with a Pop-Tart toaster pastry, you’ll already be at 42% of your limit. Although Pop-Tarts are relatively low in fat and have 3 grams of fiber, they have just 2 grams of protein. […]

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The Healthiest Fast Food Salads You Can Buy, According To Our Expert – Health Digest

Rather than grab a packaged salad with unhealthy ingredients, Lee suggests looking for certain foods for your salad while avoiding others. “In general, fresh vegetables and the addition of grilled proteins is always a good rule when it comes to picking or creating salads,” Lee said. “Proteins in a salad are also important as it […]

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The Unusual Health Habit Jennifer Lopez Swears By To Keep Food Cravings At Bay – Health Digest

Through applied pressure, grapefruit oil is obtained from the glands of the citrusy fruit’s peel, explains Healthline. Fifteen minutes of aromatherapy seems to be the sweet spot. In a 2005 animal study published in Neuroscience Letters, researchers exposed rats to the aroma of grapefruit oil for a period of 15 minutes three times weekly. The […]

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The Healthiest Fast Food Sandwiches You Can Buy, According To Our Nutritionist – Health Digest

How your food is prepared has a role to play when it comes to choosing a diet that’s best for you, and the same can be said about fast food sandwiches. “The way it is prepped can make a difference. I have nothing against a good burger, but sometimes, the meats aren’t the best quality […]

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Eat This Popular Breakfast Food To Give Your Iron Levels A Boost – Health Digest

Iron plays a crucial role in producing the protein hemoglobin which is responsible for transporting oxygen via our bloodstream throughout our body. It also contributes toward brain development and the functioning of various cells and hormones, per Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.  You become low on iron because of three different reasons, according to […]

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Avoid Eating Canned Food If You Have These Medical Conditions – Health Digest

When you hit your doctor’s office, they slap a cuff on your arm and begin pumping it up. While this might seem monotonous, taking your blood pressure is essential to your medical journey. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), blood pressure can vary constantly; however, your provider wants your blood pressure […]

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Your Taste Buds Change When You Stop Eating This Type Of Food – Health Digest

Adene Sanchez/Getty Images The conversation surrounding processed food is a big one, mainly because it seems hard to escape anything that’s processed. From deli meats and cheeses to canned goods, frozen meals, chips, cookies, and sweetened breakfast cereals, there’s a lot of them around, no matter where we go. It is also important to note that […]

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The Scientific Reason Movie Theater Food Cravings Are Hard To Control – Health Digest

According to a 2013 four-part study conducted by the Association for Consumer Research, we are more likely to reach for unhealthy food when seated in a dimly lit environment. When given the choice between a fruit cup or a cheesecake slice, participants seated around a table reached more often for the cheesecake when surrounded by […]