30 May, 2024
1 min read

Use This Doctor-Approved Coke Hack To Dislodge Food That’s Stuck In Your Chest – Health Digest

According to Healthline, this hack may have something to do with what’s really in soda — the carbon dioxide gas. It could help break down the food that’s stuck in your esophagus.  Speaking of the esophagus, this trick will only work in cases when the food is stuck there, says E.R. physician, Dr. Troy Madsen (via University […]

1 min read

Exercises You Should Do To Strengthen Your Chest – Health Digest

Just like with the pushup variations, changing the positioning of your body during a bench press will slightly change how the exercise targets your muscles. The incline bench press puts a bit more emphasis on the upper pecs and the shoulder muscles.  To get started, you’ll need an incline bench. This is typically an adjustable […]