01 Dec, 2023
1 min read

Does TikTok’s Citrus Hack Actually Stop Any Coughing? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

Perhaps there’s a reason your mother touted the benefits of vitamin C whenever you felt like you were coming down with something. According to Dr. Silvia Robalino, a board-certified internal medicine doctor at HCA Florida Mercy Hospital, “We experience inflammatory responses in our body when we have a common cold because the immune system is typically […]

1 min read

Use This Doctor-Approved Coke Hack To Dislodge Food That’s Stuck In Your Chest – Health Digest

According to Healthline, this hack may have something to do with what’s really in soda — the carbon dioxide gas. It could help break down the food that’s stuck in your esophagus.  Speaking of the esophagus, this trick will only work in cases when the food is stuck there, says E.R. physician, Dr. Troy Madsen (via University […]