05 Dec, 2023
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Eat This Popular Fruit To Shed Excess Water Weight – Health Digest

While most people get too much sodium in their diets, they don’t get enough potassium. An adequate amount of potassium each day is 2,600 milligrams for women and 3,400 milligrams for men. A single banana has 375 milligrams of potassium. Sodium and potassium play complementary roles in the body. Sodium increases blood pressure, and potassium […]

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The Refreshing Fruit That Has More Potassium Than A Banana – Health Digest

If you want healthy eyes and skin, regularly consuming watermelon, which is high in vitamins A and C, can be good for you, per Web MD. Additionally, the fruit’s beta-cryptoxanthin properties can protect your joints from inflammation.¬† What stands out, probably the most, is how rich a source of¬†lycopene this fruit is. It ranks number […]

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The Popular Fruit You Shouldn’t Be Eating By Itself – Health Digest

Conventional wisdom tells us that breakfast is an excellent way to start your morning. But here's one fruit that won't be enough on its own to begin your day. Source link