04 Dec, 2023
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The Worst Time Of Year To Start A Diet – Health Digest

The absolute worst time of year to start a diet is during New Year’s. Adopting a healthier lifestyle and picking up a new diet is a very common New Year’s resolution. According to Forbes, nearly 40% of all American adults reported setting health, fitness, and diet-related resolutions earlier this year. Statistically, though, Forbes found that […]

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Do Your Grocery Shopping At This Time Of Day To Improve Your Health – Health Digest

If too much time passes between your last meal and the task of grocery shopping, you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure in the overeating department, according to registered dietitian Jaclyn London (via Good Housekeeping). “Not only are you susceptible to overspending, but you’re also more likely to overeat what you do bring home,” she writes.  Also, […]

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The Best Time Of Day To Eat Junk Food (Without Jeopardizing Your Diet) – Health Digest

The body’s internal clock, its circadian rhythm, influences metabolism and can guide decisions on when to indulge in junk food without compromising diet goals. Beyond the general principles of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, circadian rhythms affect various hormones and enzymes responsible for nutrient processing. For instance, insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels, follows a diurnal […]

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Why You May Experience Unique Food Cravings When Daylight Savings Time Ends – Health Digest

Your sleep cycle is built on the circadian rhythm, which responds to light and dark (via the National Institute of General Medical Sciences). When you disrupt the rhythm, it has immediate effects on your appetite. Research in the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR) showed any disturbance in your sleep can increase your ghrelin levels and […]

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Try These 9 Healthy Food Hacks The Next Time You Order Takeout – Health Digest

According to Time, takeout pizza’s popularity in the U.S. can be traced back to the 1940s. In addition to takeout food’s availability and popularity growing at this time, members of the military came back to the States wanting more of the Italian cuisine they had experienced while overseas during WWII. But as Dr. Caroline Cederquist, […]

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The Easy Ice Trick That Will Help You Fall Asleep In No Time – Health Digest

You may have heard that taking a plunge in cold water is linked with reduced stress and improved sleep (via Harper’s Bazaar), so it’s not entirely surprising that there are other ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Placing an ice pack on your chest or neck might also do the trick, according to Sleep.com. This can […]

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The Best Time Of Day To Drink Milk For Weight Loss – Health Digest

Skynesher/Getty Images Growing up, milk and cookies might have been your favorite bedtime snack, but you probably didn’t want your friends to see you drink the white stuff in high school or college. However, as an adult, you may want to reconsider, especially if you would like to shed a few pounds.  Scientists say milk […]

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The Best Time Of Day To Eat Eggs To Promote Weight Loss – Health Digest

Weight loss is more than just what you put into your mouth. Getting a good or bad night’s sleep can affect your motivation, decision-making, and, ultimately, your weight loss goals. According to WebMD, people who don’t get enough sleep can easily make bad decisions for weight loss, like grabbing a donut rather than cooking up […]

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Eat Breakfast For Dinner To Fall Asleep In Record Time – Health Digest

Breakfast plates at hotels and restaurants usually come loaded with fruits. Turns out that the fiber-rich fruits we consume in the mornings can also help us get a good night’s rest. “Fiber helps keep blood sugar steady for longer periods of time, so you can avoid the spikes and crashes that send energy levels on a […]