22 Jul, 2024
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6 steps to creating your ideal summer workout routine – Healthista

Exercise during a heatwave isn’t much fun. Training and Nutrition Specialist David Wiener reveals 6 key steps to creating an ideal summer workout routine to ensure you stay on track of your goals As the weather gets warmer, it can be hard to stick to an exercise regime. Sometimes the last thing you want to […]

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Food Storage Mistakes That Are Twice As Dangerous During Summer – Health Digest

A trip to the beach and picnics by the lake are popular summertime activities. Mishandling food during these excursions, however, can pose dangerous health concerns during summer.  When storing for travel, it’s important to transfer meat, seafood, and other perishable foods directly from the refrigerator or freezer, in a frozen state, into a cooler. The […]

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9 Gross Things You Can Catch From Swimming In A Pool This Summer – Health Digest

Ringworm (sometimes referred to as tinea) is a kind of fungal infection that can develop in moist environments where the fungi thrive. Leading to itchy, unsightly, and highly uncomfortable rashes, this condition can occur anywhere on the body, and may not even develop until two weeks after exposure. While anyone can contract ringworm if they’re […]

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13 steps to perfect summer skin – Healthista – Healthista

Sunshine, sweaty temperatures and air-conditioning aren’t exactly your skin’s best friend. Skin and beauty expert Karen J. Gerrard reveals 13 steps to perfect summer skin  There’s nothing like a warm summers day to increase our energy levels and boost our mood – but the toll on our skin can be irrevocable if it’s not protected. […]

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6 ways to reset your fitness routine if you’ve slacked over the summer  

Had a summer full of fun? Here’s 6 ways to reset your fitness routine if you’ve slacked over the summer. Healthista spoke to David Wiener, Training Specialist at AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics  Resetting your fitness routine in the Autumn, for many seems like the perfect time.  Typically, over the summer you may experience a […]

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Does the hot weather make you bloated? 7 reasons you should take probiotics during the summer – Healthista

Does the summer heat make you more prone to bloating, allergies and low mood? Here’s why topping up on probiotics can help alleviate symptoms You’ve been looking forward to the hot weather for months, but now it’s here, you just feel bloated and sluggish. It may be that your digestive system is not working as […]

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7 natural energy boost tips to try this summer – Healthista

Healthista spoke to Antonia Harman – a multi award winning energy expert and author of Energy Secrets, who reveals 7 natural energy boost tips you can try this summer As summer is fully upon us, it’s time to embrace the natural energy it provides. The balmy weather benefits the body, mind and soul; below are my top […]

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Summer holiday prep – 4 skincare tips for a long haul flight – Healthista

Healthista asked founder of Cecilia London and facialist Cecilia Ross her top tips for taking care of your skin before, during, and after a long haul flight It’s summer time – well at least according to my calendar – and that means it’s the season of jet setting to hot tropical islands if we’re lucky. […]