26 Feb, 2024
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What Happens If Lube Makes Your Skin Irritated – Health Digest

Certain ingredients in lube are known to cause yeast infections in some people, especially if you have sensitive skin. Examples include glycerin, nonoxynol-9, propylene glycol, chlorhexidine gluconate, and petroleum-based products.  According to Dr. Jamil Abdur-Rahman, a board-certified OB/GYN and chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at Vista East Medical Center in Waukegan, Illinois, “Glycerin is a metabolic byproduct of sugar, which […]

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What Happens To Your Skin When You Eat Peanut Butter Every Day – Health Digest

Ever wondered what helps — from the inside out — to keep your skin glowing and moisturized? The healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats) we consume through our diet. Peanut butter has a lot of these healthy fats. Hydrated skin is also one way to prevent the signs of premature aging, like wrinkles. Plus, there’s some […]

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What We Know About Duchess Of York Sarah Ferguson’s Skin Cancer Diagnosis – Health Digest

Although melanoma cases have declined among men, more women are getting this aggressive form of skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Rates of melanoma have increased by 3% in women over 50. People who have lighter skin have a higher risk for melanoma than those with darker skin. You’re also more likely to […]

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What Happens To Your Skin When You Don’t Eat Enough Protein – Health Digest

Your body has different protein-related needs. When it comes to your skin, elastin, collagen, and keratin come into play. Dr. Jeffrey Hsu, M.D., FAAD, founder of Oak Dermatology, explains to She Finds, “The two most important proteins are collagen and elastin. Collagen is the most abundant protein; it makes up more than 75 percent of […]

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What Happens To Your Skin If You Don’t Poop Every Day – Health Digest

Estrogen buildup in women caused by not pooping regularly can cause skin disruptions, per Jolene Brighten, a naturopathic doctor and president and Chief Medical Officer at Rubus Health in Portland, Oregon (via mindbodygreen). “If your bowels aren’t moving, your estrogen sticks around longer than it should and goes back into circulation in the body. You have to poop […]

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‘I’m a skincare scientist – here’s 4 things you need to do for menopausal skin’ 

Healthista spoke to skincare scientist and founder of Vive Skincare Marina Trani who reveals the 4 things you need to do to help menopausal skin Dry skin, redness, sensitivity – if you thought skin troubles were reserved only for your teenage years, think again. Throughout life, our skin is constantly exposed to challenges, such as […]

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Dry or sensitive skin? 5 tried & tested menopause skincare heroes – Healthista

From age spots and dry skin to redness and acne – Healthista’s Charlotte Dormon reveals her 5 tried and tested menopause skincare heroes for hydrating and beautifying menopausal skin As our hormones begin to shift during menopause years, so too does the appearance and overall well-being of our skin. During the peri-menopause and menopause, many […]

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Unexpected Foods That Can Cause Itchy Skin – Health Digest

According to Food Allergies Atlanta, it’s extremely common for someone to have a tree nut allergy. This means a number of foods can be off the table, including hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, and almonds. While an almond allergy is often associated with childhood, technically, a person can develop it at any point in their life (per […]

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7 reasons your skin pigmentation might change colour – Healthista

Got skin patches or discoloured spots? GP Deyo Famuboni gives us an insight into why your skin pigmentation might change colour Focusing mainly on our face and hands, we often have a wash and go policy for the rest of our skin. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and therefore deserves to […]

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Healthista Loves: Give your skin some TLC this Spring at these 5 London Beauty Clinics

From laser treatments to light therapy, Healthista’s Ksenia Lavrentieva reviewed 5 London Beauty Clinics to give your skin some TLC this spring.  As spring approaches our dry winter skin is in desperate need of a little TLC. With the seasons changing you will find most people shedding their cold-weather cocoons in favour of new fitness […]