15 Apr, 2024
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Here’s How Long You’re Contagious After Getting Norovirus – Health Digest

There is also no specific treatment for norovirus, except managing symptoms as you would with the flu. Once you have the virus, dehydration becomes a serious concern, so replenishing with electrolytes and fluids is key. It is also important to watch out for severe dehydration symptoms like fatigue, dry mouth and throat, decreased urine output, listlessness, […]

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How Long It Takes To Build A Tolerance To Energy Drinks (It’s Shorter Than You Think) – Health Digest

Caffeine is a great way to get a morning boost. But when you have it every morning, it loses effectiveness. Research in PLoS One asked eleven participants to drink 3mg of caffeine for 20 consecutive days. Ingestion of caffeine worked to increase peak cycling performance power in incremental exercise for the first 15 days, and […]

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Here’s How Long Protein Actually Stays In Your Body – Health Digest

Some proteins can be digested within 30 minutes or up to two hours. While they might be great for a post-workout recovery, these proteins don’t help you feel full for too long. Whey, pea, and collagen protein powders are fast-digesting proteins (per Vidafuel). Other proteins can take up to four hours to completely digest in […]

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The Protein-Rich Food You Should Avoid Eating Before A Long Run – Health Digest

While protein bars may not be ideal for a pre-run snack due to their slower digestion rate, they come into their own after a run, offering a range of advantages that can aid in recovery and overall post-run nutrition. During your run, your body taps into its glycogen reserves as its primary energy source (via […]

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Summer holiday prep – 4 skincare tips for a long haul flight – Healthista

Healthista asked founder of Cecilia London and facialist Cecilia Ross her top tips for taking care of your skin before, during, and after a long haul flight It’s summer time – well at least according to my calendar – and that means it’s the season of jet setting to hot tropical islands if we’re lucky. […]