Summer holiday prep – 4 skincare tips for a long haul flight – Healthista
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Summer holiday prep – 4 skincare tips for a long haul flight – Healthista

Healthista asked founder of Cecilia London and facialist Cecilia Ross her top tips for taking care of your skin before, during, and after a long haul flight

It’s summer time – well at least according to my calendar – and that means it’s the season of jet setting to hot tropical islands if we’re lucky. From London we are only one short flight away from sipping on an Aperol spritz (or a few) and basking in the Mediterranean sun.

t’s the season of jet setting to hot tropical islands

Yet taking a flight to further distances requires a different sense of preparation. And by that I mean making sure I have my cosiest sweatpants on to cuddle up in front of my screen whilst I watch Vanderpump Rules for 10 hours. Let alone, when’s a better time to prep my skin for my upcoming holiday?

Here are the top skincare tips should be doing on every long haul flight, from an expert facialist…

#1 Hydrate your body – and your skin

You may want to book yourself an aisle seat next to the toilet, because drinking water on a long haul flight is not only the best way to keep hydrated, but is also key to achieving that summer time glow.

If your skin is prone to breakouts, Cecilia says that eating fruits like watermelon are high in water content can assist with hydration levels whilst also providing a boost of antioxidants, which is also an easy way of staying on top of water consumption.

So as the bar cart passes by, you may want to avoid any salty foods or glass of wine as this will inevitably dehydrate your body more.

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#2 Lather it up

In order to provide your skin with instant hydration, Cecilia recommends using hyaluronic based gels or serums, as it provides your skin the moisture it needs without clogging your pores.

A face mask or eye mask is an essential carry-on item to give your skin the boost of hydration whilst flying. Cecilia recommends to let the extra serums from the masks soak after removing instead of washing it off.

Cecilia recommends using hyaluronic based gels or serums

Depending on your skin type, you may opt for a good moisturiser over a face mask if your skin is really dry. Yet if you have acne prone skin, a hydrating mist or serum is recommend over the former.

#3 Create a routine

If you’re an avid long haul flight go-er, it’s essential to create some sort of routine so that you are ready to go from start to finish.

In order to not be mistaken for using the toilet for other reasons (wink wink) Cecilia recommends creating a quick routine from when you board the plane to when you land.

She advises that cleansing the skin and applying a hydrating mask or thick moisturiser is a necessary step before take off. Then brining a hydrating mist to boost hydration throughout the flight and ending with another cleanse.

Next bring along your favourite serums, like Vitamin C, and apply like normal before exiting the plane.

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#4 Wear your best SPF

Unless you are sitting in the middle of the plane, then the London facialist recommends wearing SPF the entire duration of your flight.

According to Cecilia, UV radiation is sometimes just as high in the sky as it is on the ground, so taking along your favourite factor 50 SPF is crucial not only for sun bathing.

UV radiation is sometimes just as high in the sky as it is on the ground

Another thing to pack into your carry-on to protect your skin from UV radiation is lip balm as it will not only hydrate your lips but keep them from being subjected to harsh sun rays.

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