15 Jun, 2024
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Tips For A Healthy Sex Life As You Age, According To Dr. Ruth – Health Digest

The biggest concern Dr. Ruth has come across when it comes to sex as you age has to do with erectile dysfunction (ED), she told Life Extension. But what men need to know about their sexual health as they age is that ED could be a result of something physical or psychological, and medication doesn’t always have […]

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Expert Tips On Finding The Right Mental Health Therapist For You – Health Digest

Dr. Hiser says some therapists will base their rates on your income to help reduce costs. “Another thing people can look for is calling training clinics at university clinical or counseling psychology programs to see if they offer therapy to the public,” Dr. Hiser said. “This would entail having a doctoral graduate student therapist who […]

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Our Doctor’s Best Tips For Beating Post-Meal Fatigue – Health Digest

Singh says post-meal fatigue occurs for three reasons. “The first is that blood flow is diverted to your GI tract to help digest food and absorb nutrients which leaves less blood flow for the brain and muscles which can make you feel tired.” The second reason why you can become tired after a meal is […]

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Expert Tips On What To Do The Night Before Having An Egg Retrieval – Health Digest

“When it is time for your procedure, you will enter the procedure room, where you will be asked to confirm your identity by an embryology staff member,” Dr. Leondires tells us. “Then the anesthesia provider will start your anesthetic medications shortly after this step, and you will be off to dreamland while your surgeon gets […]

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Doctor Gives Tips On How To Monitor Your ABCs If You Have Diabetes – Health Digest

“The most common issues people have with the ABCs are not remembering what their goals were and what their last values were, and when,” Anderson said. “Keep a written record (perhaps tape it to your bathroom mirror, or in your smartphone notes) to help you remember and remind you of your future appointments.” He advises […]

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Essential Tips To Help Find Your Fat Burning Zone – Health Digest

You don’t need any high-tech gadgets to get a good idea of your fat-burning zone with the Fox formula, according to Healthline. Start with your age and subtract it from 220 to get your maximum heart rate. So, someone 47 years old would have a maximum heart rate of 173, since 220 minus 47 is […]

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Lioness Alex Greenwood shares her top healthy living tips – Healthista

English footballer and Lioness Alex Greenwood shares her tips for living a healthy lifestyle ahead of tournaments like the FIFA Women’s World Cup The Women’s World Cup consisted of 32 qualifying teams for the first time in history this year, consisting of players at the top of their league, such as English footballer Alex Greenwood. […]

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Expert Tips On What To Do The Night Before Cataract Surgery – Health Digest

Dr. Dello Russo says cataract surgery is a simple outpatient surgery, so you can dress comfortably for the procedure since you don’t need a hospital gown. He suggests having an extra t-shirt in case some fluids drip from your eyes. Leave any jewelry at home, and avoid heavy fragrances and harsh facial cleansers that morning. […]

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London Marathon inspired? 8 top tips to get into running

Training for the London marathon (Sunday 23rd April) is well underway. If you’re feeling inspired to get into running, Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist Emma Bord shares her top 8 tips There is no doubt that running can have a hugely positive effect on both mental and physical health, increasing fitness levels, reducing stress levels, […]

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Dermatologist’s Tips For The Night Before A Skin Exam (Including The Activity You Should Skip) – Health Digest

Imagine this: A woman (we’ll call her Sara) treats herself to a manicure and a pedicure. As she walks out of the nail salon, she gets a call from her dermatologist’s office, reminding her that she has an appointment the next day. Annoyed, Sara decides she isn’t going to ruin her mani-pedi for a checkup. […]