04 Dec, 2023
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The Surprisingly Healthy Fat You Can Buy At A Gas Station – Health Digest

Certified dietitian Vidhi Chawla told the Times of India that almond butters are great sources of the cell-protecting antioxidant vitamin E and magnesium (which supports bone and nerve health). It also contains calcium, which again contributes to healthy bones and teeth.  Almonds are great for digestion too, owing to their rich concentration of fiber. A 2022 study […]

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Essential Tips To Help Find Your Fat Burning Zone – Health Digest

You don’t need any high-tech gadgets to get a good idea of your fat-burning zone with the Fox formula, according to Healthline. Start with your age and subtract it from 220 to get your maximum heart rate. So, someone 47 years old would have a maximum heart rate of 173, since 220 minus 47 is […]

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Is Thigh Fat An Indicator Of Premature Death Risk? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

The study also found that accumulating more fat on your hips lowered your risk of death. Each 4-inch increase around your hips meant a 10% lower risk of death, and this was significant for women. However, you should also consider your waist measurement, because the fat around your waist — called “visceral fat” — can be dangerous […]