24 Jul, 2024
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The Unusual Health Habit Eva Longoria Swears By To Fight Premature Aging – Health Digest

The placental extracts used in commercially available skincare creams and lotions are generally derived from animal sources. The extract then undergoes a purification process before being made into a topical product, Dr. Harold Lancer, founder of Lancer Skincare, explained to Byrdie. Sheep are one frequently-used animal source, but researchers from a 2023 study published in the […]

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Eat This Many Fruits And Vegetables Each Day To Reduce Your Risk Of Premature Death – Health Digest

According to the article in Circulation, the researchers carried out extensive studies involving thousands of adults over a span of more than 25 years. The first study, spanning from 1984 to 2014, included over 66,000 women, while the second study, which ran from 1986 to 2014, encompassed over 42,000 men. Throughout these lengthy studies, the […]

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Is Thigh Fat An Indicator Of Premature Death Risk? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

The study also found that accumulating more fat on your hips lowered your risk of death. Each 4-inch increase around your hips meant a 10% lower risk of death, and this was significant for women. However, you should also consider your waist measurement, because the fat around your waist — called “visceral fat” — can be dangerous […]