My post-menopause glow up made me look 10 years younger and gave me my confidence back
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My post-menopause glow up made me look 10 years younger and gave me my confidence back

Could a non-surgical facelift help you look 10 years younger and reverse the signs of ageing caused by menopause? Healthista spoke to Maureen Roberts, 61 who tried Face Design by Dr Ivona Igerc, to help her look younger post-menopause 

It’s no secret that a facelift can be an expensive investment for an ageing face.

Although a traditional facelift can offer incredible results, going under the knife is a scary ordeal, not to mention the inconvenient down (recovery) time.

It’s due to these reasons that many people don’t go through with the costly treatment. But what if you could get a facelift without the dreaded surgery or recovery time and without breaking the bank?

Well, you can. Dr Ivona Igerc – a renowned expert in the field of aesthetics – offers clients a non-surgical facelift that uses injectables to get the desired anti-ageing facelift.

Everything should be blended well together – all the muscles and movements

Known also as Face Design, Dr Ivona’s signature treatment uses a combination of Botox, dermal fillers and soft threads to accomplish the desired result of restoring lost volume in the face, jowls and neck.

‘All my signature treatments are done with my own and unique approach which I named Sfumato (a painting technique),’ reveals Dr Ivona.

‘In my concept, beauty is based on a natural and organic look, so when sculpting and moulding the face, I don’t want to make the work visible, where a line on the face ends and where it begins.

‘Everything should be blended well together – all the muscles and movements, all the five skin layers, bone structures should be connected into one – FACE.’ 

Healthista spoke to 61 year old Maureen Roberts – here’s what she had to say about the Face Design treatment at EF MediSpa

‘I didn’t even recognise myself in the mirror’

Since I was about 45, I have toyed with the idea of trying Botox, and pretty much every time I saw a celebrity who looked like they were doing a Benjamin Button, I would hop onto Google and search for ‘facelift transformation clinics near me’.

But despite the temptation, in reality I knew it was far too costly to consider, and quite frankly I was terrified of going under the knife.

Through my 40’s and by my mid 50’s I had started to feel self conscious of my ageing face. I would tell myself that it’s beautiful to age naturally and I felt I still looked slightly younger than other people who were the same age as me.

But then one day I was shopping for a wedding outfit, when saw my reflection in the mirror. Despite having make up on and thinking I didn’t look too shabby when I had left the house, I didn’t even recognise myself in the mirror.

post-menopause glow up with Dr Ivona EF MediSpapost-menopause glow up with Dr Ivona EF MediSpa
Maureen, before

All that went through my head was this thought – ‘I look SO old’. So, I abandoned my wedding outfit quest and found the nearest exit before swallowing down the lump in my throat walking back to work.

‘The menopause hadn’t helped matters’

My main concern after taking a closer look at my face (which I tried never to do) was my thinning lips and sagging jowls. I believed that these were what made me go from looking good for my age to looking…my age.

Looking back now at pictures taken of me over the years, it’s shocking to see how quickly my appearance started to change once I reached menopause.

Of course, I knew that losing volume in the upper parts of the face is common with ageing and can lead to a droopy or sagging appearance, but I was unaware how changing and fluctuating hormones had such an affect on the appearance of a person’s face too!

After some research, I found that the main reason for skin changes during menopause is that oestrogen (female sex hormone) production reduces dramatically, leading to a drop in collagen – the main building block found in the body’s various connective tissues, including the skin. 

So yes, I knew I was looking older because I was getting older, but the menopause hadn’t helped matters.

What is Face Design?

I heard about Face Design and the wonderful Dr Ivona Igerc through a friend, who had experienced amazing results, with someone actually asking her if she had had a facelift or something else too make her look so great. 

A quick Google told me that Face Design at EF MediSpa is a non-surgical instant face lift that targets signs of ageing caused by the natural breakdown of connective tissues in your skin such as collagen and elastin. 

And the best part? It’s non-invasive and produces a more natural and subtle look than a surgical facelift might. Making it ideal for those who want to address different signs of ageing with the convenience of a walk-in walk-out procedure. 

a naturally occurring compound that encourages the production of collagen

The signature treatment of Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Dr Ivona Igerc, Face Design is a face lift that helps to increase the volume and shape of your face while smoothing the skin and preventing further lines and wrinkles from forming.

The primary goal of this instant face lift is to address sagging skin and wrinkles; however, it can also be used to plump up lips and reduce hollowness in the under-eye area.

The dermal fillers used in Face Design include high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring compound that encourages the production of collagen in the skin.

Sign me up!

Before the treatment

Before signing on the dotted line as it were, the first step was a no obligation, complimentary consultation. During this I was able to learn more about Face Design and talk through the procedure to discuss any queries or concerns I had, to establish if this was a treatment that would work for me as well as any medical history.

I was then booked in with and met the wonderful Dr Ivona Igerc, who put me at ease from the outset. Not only did Dr Ivona look fabulous and glamorous, but she was incredibly welcoming and friendly and I felt confident discussing my history and concerns with her. 

Dr Ivona spoke to me about the bespoke treatment I would receive and how it had been tailored to me in order to get the results I was looking for. This included the specific areas I wanted focussed on and where the anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers would be administered for optimum results. 

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During the treatment

Firstly, a local anaesthetic cream was applied to some areas of the face that are more sensitive, such as my lips and around my chin. 

Once the area felt numb, Dr Ivona set to work with a fine needle to inject small amounts of dermal filler with hyaluronic acid, plus anti-wrinkleiInjectables into the target areas to help smooth out my wrinkles, add volume and enhance my natural face shape.

Target areas included my cheeks, tear troughs, nasolabial folds (smile lines), mouth corners, pre-jowl area, frown lines, fine lines, wrinkles, jawline sagging, lower cheek and marionette lines (running downwards from the corners of the mouth) –  to replace lost fat pads and create a stronger jawline. 

it was slightly uncomfortable on certain areas of the face where the skin was more taut

Dr Ivona also included some Botox to soften lines without freezing my naturally expressive face. 

The whole process took about 45 minutes. It wasn’t painful, but it was slightly uncomfortable on certain areas of the face where the skin was more taut. 

Dr Ivona explained that the injections around my cheek area was to help increase the volume of both my cheeks and under-eye area, creating a cheekbone lift. 

The skin along the jawline was also injected with filler, to tighten the skin as well as helping to even out imperfections if the face is unsymmetrical. Using her particular technique, Dr Ivona injects along the jawline with a series of tiny injections to correct the loose or sagging skin and help redefine your jowls. 

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Maureen before (left), one week later (middle), four weeks later (right)

After the treatment

It took just over a week for the very slight swelling to settle and for the bruises on my lips and chin to go down – nothing that a bit of make-up couldn’t cover up though. 

In just two weeks I could see a difference in my face. I looked more like myself again. Even my husband said I looked different but said he couldn’t put his finger on exactly why.

I could also tell that my colleagues were looking at me with curious expressions, with a few telling me how ‘well’ I looked. That was a huge boost to my confidence as I hadn’t received too many compliments like that in the past.

According to Dr Ivona, the results should last up to two years, with a few top ups here and there. I have kept up with the Botox, but I haven’t needed more filler – yet. I’ll definitely be going back for a top up when I need it.

I couldn’t recommend this treatment highly enough. For anyone who is feeling less confident in their post-menopause face I urge you to book a consultation and talk to the talented practitioners at EF MediSpa. Thank you Dr Ivona and EF MediSpa!


Dr Ivona Igerc is a renowned expert in the field of aesthetics and regenerative medicine.  

Held to a high-esteem and recognised globally for her technique with injectable anti-ageing treatments. Her professional approach and engaging manner has led to her developing a loyal client base who continually utilise and recommend her skills due to her impressive results. 

Book your complimentary no-obligation consultation now at face-design. 

Face Design face lift is quick and effective, with the procedure usually lasting around one hour with minimal downtime. You should see the results within 10 days, and these can last up to two years.

All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your treatment options. 

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