14 Apr, 2024
11 mins read

My post-menopause glow up made me look 10 years younger and gave me my confidence back

Could a non-surgical facelift help you look 10 years younger and reverse the signs of ageing caused by menopause? Healthista spoke to Maureen Roberts, 61 who tried Face Design by Dr Ivona Igerc, to help her look younger post-menopause  It’s no secret that a facelift can be an expensive investment for an ageing face. Although a traditional […]

1 min read

Every 8 Years, This Is What Happens To Your Risk Of Death – Health Digest

However, this equation was conceived before the 1950s. These days, there isn’t such a sharp curve in your risk of mortality every year because life expectancies have increased. In Sweden, 50-year-olds born in 1970 had an 11-fold lower death rate than those born in 1800, according to Our World in Data. When you’re born, those […]