Health Secrets Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You – Health Digest
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Health Secrets Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You – Health Digest

If the skin surrounding your nail has become red, irritated, and swollen, it likely indicates an infection, which is known¬†as “fingernail paronychia.” All it takes is plucking a hangnail too harshly or even soaking your hands in water for too long for this kind of skin damage to occur, reports Nemours KidsHealth. While it is not usually cause for concern, medical treatment may be warranted in the event that abscesses or open sores form around the nail. This can make it easier for bacteria or fungus to make their way into the body and increase the risk of the infection spreading, although it is highly unlikely.

Having clubbed nails, or curved nails, is another health condition that may prompt swelling in the fingertips (per AAD). While sometimes just a harmless product of our genes, clubbing has also been seen in connection with medical problems of the liver, heart, lungs, stomach, or small intestines. Curvature of the nails is often the first sign of clubbing and nails may eventually begin to feel spongy to the touch.

Although nail changes are not always indicative of a health condition, talk to your doctor if you notice any concerning symptoms. Our nails may not be able to talk, but as we’ve learned, that doesn’t mean they don’t have secrets to tell.

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