22 Jul, 2024
1 min read

Health Secrets Your Nails Are Trying To Tell You – Health Digest

If the skin surrounding your nail has become red, irritated, and swollen, it likely indicates an infection, which is known as “fingernail paronychia.” All it takes is plucking a hangnail too harshly or even soaking your hands in water for too long for this kind of skin damage to occur, reports Nemours KidsHealth. While it is […]

9 mins read

Selling Sunset star Vanessa Villela shares her secrets on maintaining her camera ready figure

Former Selling Sunset reality TV star Vanessa Villela shares her secrets with Healthista on how to maintain a camera ready figure Are you ready for season 6 of hit Netflix show Selling Sunset? We most certainly are. Healthista loves nothing better than a Netflix binge, so when we had the opportunity to interview Vanessa Villela […]