14 Jun, 2024
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Can Cashews Help You Lose Weight? The Answer Isn’t What You’d Expect – Health Digest

According to United States Department of Agriculture researcher David Baer, who co-authored 2019 study, the difference in calories could be attributed to the fact that not all of the calories in cashews are digested by the human body — especially those in the cell walls of the nuts. “Until we break open that cell wall, the […]

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Can Castor Oil Help You Lose Weight? The Answer Is Messy – Health Digest

While castor oil may be suggested as a short-term treatment method for some patients with constipation, it comes with a number of side effects (via StatPearls). For this reason, the majority of doctors now opt for newer laxative medications. While olive oil or avocado oil are considered edible oils, castor oil does not fall into […]