17 Apr, 2024
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Our Gastroenterologists Share The Best 3 Foods To Reach For To Poop Instantly – Health Digest

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Irteza Inayat, a gastroenterologist and Digestive Health Institute Medical Director at AdventHealth Central Florida Division, reinforced much of Dr. Huang’s advice. “Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is key for prompt bowel movements due to their high fiber content,” Dr. Inayat told us. Offering his own specific food […]

1 min read

The Medical Condition You And Your Partner May Secretly Share – Health Digest

Peiyi Lu shared that even though hypertension is more common in the Western countries selected for this study, concordant high blood pressure prevalence was stronger in Asia (via American Heart Association). This may have to do with the different cultures and resulting approaches to partnerships in both regions — individualism in the West versus closer ties in […]