17 Apr, 2024
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Foods That Are Secretly Making Your Dandruff Worse – Health Digest

The Malassezia fungus, other fungi, and yeasts can get out of hand if you eat a lot of sugar. Not only that, but too many sweets and sugary drinks in your system quickly increase your blood sugar and insulin levels. As a result, your body secretes hormones that boost oil production. The Malassezia fungus feeds […]

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This Popular Childhood Snack Is Secretly Hydrating – Health Digest

Depending on what type of illness you’re experiencing, you may be losing far more water than you realize. Mayo Clinic experts explain that severe cases of diarrhea can deplete water and electrolytes quite rapidly. Couple this with vomiting, such as in cases of food poisoning, and the body is leached of even more water and […]

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The Medical Condition You And Your Partner May Secretly Share – Health Digest

Peiyi Lu shared that even though hypertension is more common in the Western countries selected for this study, concordant high blood pressure prevalence was stronger in Asia (via American Heart Association). This may have to do with the different cultures and resulting approaches to partnerships in both regions — individualism in the West versus closer ties in […]