The Bad Sleeping Habit That’s Aging You – Health Digest
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The Bad Sleeping Habit That’s Aging You – Health Digest

It’s not just your face that could end up with wrinkles with this bad sleeping habit — it’s your neck and chest too.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson told Allure that while your sleeping position alone is unlikely to cause signs of aging, it can be a factor, especially since mature skin is not as elastic as youthful skin. “It won’t single-handedly cause them, but these sleeping conditions can expedite and intensify wrinkles on the chest, neck, and face. Wrinkling from sleeping position will be more obvious on more lax skin, which is why you’ll see it on an adult’s chest but rarely on a child’s,” shared the dermatologist.

What does this mean for natural side or face sleepers? Should you be aiming to sleep on your back which is the best position when it comes to facial skin aging? Changing sleeping positions isn’t as easy as that. Most of us have been sleeping one way all our lives. According to chief of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Elma Baron (via USA Today Reviewed), there’s no need to worry too much if this is your only bad habit when it comes to skin aging. “Excuse the pun, but I would not lose sleep over the issue of getting wrinkles through sleeping. I think the greater benefit is really in having a good night’s sleep,” explained Dr. Baron. There’s something to be said about the unexpected effect poor sleeping habits can have on your health and thereby aging. 

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