What It Means When You Wake Up With Smelly Armpits – Health Digest
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What It Means When You Wake Up With Smelly Armpits – Health Digest

It’s not just an overheated bedroom, those weighted blankets, unbreathable mattresses, or long-sleeved pajamas that could be causing smelly armpits. Stress can be the culprit too, according to neurologist and sleep medicine expert at Houston Methodist, Dr. Aarthi Ram. Overthinking the day’s worries or getting anxious over a work deadline the next day can all be reasons for your mind to get worked up before you head to bed and an overactive mind means a sweaty body too, per Dr. Ram. 

Another thing that can elevate your body temperature at night is alcohol — more specifically having some before bedtime, according to the neurologist. “Alcohol relaxes the airways, which can make breathing harder. In addition, it also acts as a stimulant in that it leads to increased heart rate. Both of these can increase your body temperature,” Dr. Ram explained. Eating spicy food for dinner and exercising before you head to bed can also cause your body temperature to rise at night, per the American Osteopathic Association

Smelly underarms might also just mean that you have poor personal hygiene. If you think any one of these explanations could be the reason why you smell in the morning, start by having a shower before you go to sleep and making sure your sleep environment is cool. Try meditation or reading exercises and avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and exercising too close to bedtime. 

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