Avoid Eating Peppers If You Have This Medical Condition – Health Digest
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Avoid Eating Peppers If You Have This Medical Condition – Health Digest

There are a few different reasons why peppers could aggravate symptoms of psoriasis. For one, nightshade fruits and vegetables contain a compound called “solanine” which is thought to trigger digestive discomfort and inflammation in some people. This can be a problem for people with immune-system-related disorders like psoriasis. Capsaicin, also found in peppers and other nightshades, could also have an inflammatory effect that negatively affects some people who have psoriasis, although the topical application of capsaicin is thought to control the symptoms, according to some. 

Perhaps this is why not all experts seem to agree that avoiding peppers is a necessity for everyone who has this medical condition. For instance, according to a dermatologist at Windsor Dermatology in East Windsor, New Jersey, Dr. Jerry Bagel (via Everyday Health), “Certain patients believe that if you avoid these vegetables [nightshades], you decrease your symptoms. I’m not so sure about that, but I’m not opposed to people trying it.” Apart from peppers, nightshade vegetables and fruits include popular foods like tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes. 

Being allergic or sensitive to peppers or any other foods found in the nightshade family can also contribute to flares, per some experts. Speaking of peppers, what about black and white peppers?

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