When Women Stop Having Sex, This Body Part Can Shrink – Health Digest
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When Women Stop Having Sex, This Body Part Can Shrink – Health Digest

Per the experts, there is a difference in how your vagina shrinks or tightens up from a lack of sexual stimulation in premenopausal women when compared with postmenopausal women. In the former camp, the shrinking is temporary and sorts itself out after the first few attempts at intimacy. However, in the latter group, it could be more permanent, and it has to do with the hormone estrogen. 

The sex hormone estrogen is responsible for maintaining elasticity and lubrication in the vagina. For women who’ve not reached menopause, estrogen levels remain bountiful, typically. The same cannot be said for women who’ve reached menopause and are post-menopause. Lower estrogen levels mean a host of changes for women sex-wise, one of which includes vaginal dryness and a less stretchy vaginal canal. This can even lead to more painful sex. In fact, experts recommend regular sex for postmenopausal women to boost blood flow to the vagina, keep it healthy, and maintain its elasticity. Other post-menopausal changes include lower sexual desire, difficulty getting aroused, and challenges in reaching an orgasm.  

Shrinking of the vagina for women prior to menopause, however, has more to do with just not using that part of the body as much. Also, “if it feels as though your vagina is tighter after you’ve taken a hiatus from sex, it may be more related to tension or a lack of comfort/arousal,” explained sexologist Jess O’Reilly to Your Tango. “If you’re a little nervous diving back in, take your time, use lube, and wait until your arousal levels are high before sliding anything inside.”

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