29 May, 2024
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When Women Stop Having Sex, This Body Part Can Shrink – Health Digest

Per the experts, there is a difference in how your vagina shrinks or tightens up from a lack of sexual stimulation in premenopausal women when compared with postmenopausal women. In the former camp, the shrinking is temporary and sorts itself out after the first few attempts at intimacy. However, in the latter group, it could […]

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Marijuana Side Effects That Differ Between Men And Women – Health Digest

Marijuana usage isn’t the only area in which men and women may differ in terms of side effects experienced. Rather, there are also differences observed between the two groups in relation to stopping use of the drug. Men more often reported sleep-related withdrawal symptoms, specifically insomnia and vivid dreams, according to the 2016 study. Women […]

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Turns Out Men And Women Actually Poop Differently – Health Digest

You’ve probably already heard what the smell of your poop can tell you about your health. Turns out, women’s poop could smell different to men’s, mainly because of a different composition of gut bacteria that might be present in the digestive system of each of the sexes, shared assistant professor of gastroenterology at the University of […]

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Can Women Tolerate Coffee Better Than Men? – Health Digest

According to a study done by the National Institutes of Health, there is an association between estrogen levels and caffeine consumption. The study looked at coffee drinking habits of women of Asian, white, and black descent.  Two cups of coffee a day (about 200 milligrams) resulted in elevated estrogen levels in Asian women. The same was true […]

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Artificial intelligence – women are becoming AI tech savvy when it comes to their health

Women are turning to artificial intelligence to check their symptoms. Here’s why they are becoming AI tech savvy when it comes to their health Women in the UK are turning to AI (artificial intelligence) symptom checkers to manage their health — but they still want real-life doctors to be involved as well, a new survey […]

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6 mind-skin rituals to support women through Menopause

These six mind-skin rituals are supporting women through and during the Menopause. Healthista spoke to Clementine founder Kim Palmer No7 – the UK’s number one skincare brand – has collaborated with innovative cognitive hypnotherapy app, Clementine, to create six, free to access mind-skin rituals for women going through menopause. These new digital rituals work in […]