26 Feb, 2024
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The Jardiance Commercial Explained: Drug Uses, Side Effects, And More – Health Digest

If you have type 2 diabetes, you can choose a similar SGLT2 inhibitor to Jardiance, such as Invokana (canagliflozin). Because both drugs stop a protein that reabsorbs glucose into your kidneys, you’ll experience similar dehydrating side effects with Invokana. You’re also still at risk for ketoacidosis and low blood sugar if you choose Invokana. Invokana […]

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The Tremfya Commercial Explained: Drug Uses, Side Effects, And More – Health Digest

Tremfya has several common side effects. In the clinical studies, some people experienced upper respiratory infections, headaches, or pain at the injection site. Fewer people developed joint pain, stomach flu, and diarrhea. Others developed herpes simplex infections and fungal infections on the skin. Some people experienced more serious side effects such as a hypersensitivity of […]

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Astepro Commercial Explained: Drug Uses, Side Effects, And More – Health Digest

As previously mentioned, tranquilizers, sedatives, and alcohol may heighten the side effects of drowsiness. Patients should therefore avoid alcohol and exercise caution when driving or operating heavy machinery. Astepro Allergy contains the prescription-strength active ingredient azelastine hydrochloride, as well as several inactive ingredients, including benzalkonium chloride, edetate disodium, hypromellose, purified water, sodium citrate, sorbitol, and […]

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The Skyrizi Commercial Explained: Drug Uses, Side Effects, And More – Health Digest

Skyrizi weakens your immune system, which is one of the main concerns when it comes to the biologic. Your likelihood of developing infections increases with this medication. Typically, your doctor will check you for infections and tuberculosis (TB) before starting treatment with Skyrizi and treat you for TB (if you have it) before starting you on the drug. […]

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The Trulicity Commercial Explained: Drug Uses, Side Effects, And More – Health Digest

Make your doctor aware of all medications you take including vitamins, herbs, supplements, and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. This is particularly important if you take other diabetes treatment drugs such as: When used with Trulicity, these drugs can increase one’s risk of hypoglycemia. While Trulicity can be taken with insulin in some cases, the drugs should […]

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The Rinvoq Commercial Explained: Drug Uses, Side Effects, And More – Health Digest

Rinvoq may be an option for patients who are unable to take, or did not benefit from, other treatment drugs for inflammatory conditions. This includes the TNF-alfa inhibitor Humira (via Drugs.com). As a JAK inhibitor, Rinvoq does have its differences and may potentially benefit patients who have yet to find symptom relief. While both drugs […]

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Strange Side Effects Of Using Psilocybin Mushrooms – Health Digest

In the U.S., the legislative landscape surrounding psilocybin mushrooms is evolving, reflecting changing attitudes toward psychedelic substances. This shift is exemplified by a patchwork of state legislative reforms that aim to make psychedelic drugs more accessible to Americans, as stated by a review published in JAMA Psychiatry. For instance, Denver, Colorado, took the lead in […]

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Marijuana Side Effects That Differ Between Men And Women – Health Digest

Marijuana usage isn’t the only area in which men and women may differ in terms of side effects experienced. Rather, there are also differences observed between the two groups in relation to stopping use of the drug. Men more often reported sleep-related withdrawal symptoms, specifically insomnia and vivid dreams, according to the 2016 study. Women […]

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The Damaging Effects The Weekend Is Having On Your Body – Health Digest

While we might think twice about opening a bag of chips during the week, the same cannot be said for the weekends. In fact, from Friday through Sunday, we tend to relax our rules on takeout, healthy eating, and binge eating. This can have damaging effects on our bodies.  A 2015 study published in Cell Metabolism […]

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6 healthy tips to prevent the effects of bloating – Healthista

Healthista asked registered nutritionist and founder of Honestly Nutrition, Gabi Zaromskyte, to explain why we bloat and how to prevent the effects of bloating We all know what it feels like to be bloated – it’s that ‘can’t get zip your jeans zipped, ate too much food’ feeling. Bloating is the the feeling of fullness, tightness, […]