16 Jul, 2024
1 min read

Men And Women Over 50 Should Avoid Eating This Popular Dinner Food – Health Digest

According to a 2019¬†article in Public Health Nutrition, you can see if a food is ultra-processed by checking the list of ingredients. Processed ingredients are those you typically won’t find in your kitchen, including mechanically separated meats, hydrogenated oils, and additives to improve their shelf life. This includes pre-packaged pasta and pizza. A double pepperoni […]

1 min read

Eat Breakfast For Dinner To Fall Asleep In Record Time – Health Digest

Breakfast plates at hotels and restaurants usually come loaded with fruits. Turns out that the fiber-rich fruits we consume in the mornings can also help us get a good night’s rest.¬†“Fiber helps keep blood sugar steady for longer periods of time, so you can avoid the spikes and crashes that send energy levels on a […]