23 Feb, 2024
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How Menopause Might Affect Your Sex Drive, According To A Gynecologist – Health Digest

There are also things someone can do in their day-to-day life to help boost sexual desire. “Lifestyle changes including stress reduction techniques, regular exercise, and getting quality sleep can improve fatigue and mood which, in turn, can increase feelings of well-being and sexual interest,” Dr. Weber shares. “It’s important to communicate with one’s partner about […]

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Mental Health Therapist Weighs In On Menopause Hormone Changes – Health Digest

Bennett says that every person experiences menopause differently. She suggests learning as much as possible about how your symptoms might be related to hormone changes. “Menopause affects half the population, yet many medical professionals haven’t received adequate training about menopause, so they may minimize or misdiagnose symptoms,” she said. “Mental health symptoms of menopause such […]

7 mins read

Dry or sensitive skin? 5 tried & tested menopause skincare heroes – Healthista

From age spots and dry skin to redness and acne – Healthista’s Charlotte Dormon reveals her 5 tried and tested menopause skincare heroes for hydrating and beautifying menopausal skin As our hormones begin to shift during menopause years, so too does the appearance and overall well-being of our skin. During the peri-menopause and menopause, many […]

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6 mind-skin rituals to support women through Menopause

These six mind-skin rituals are supporting women through and during the Menopause. Healthista spoke to Clementine founder Kim Palmer No7 – the UK’s number one skincare brand – has collaborated with innovative cognitive hypnotherapy app, Clementine, to create six, free to access mind-skin rituals for women going through menopause. These new digital rituals work in […]