17 Apr, 2024
1 min read

Can You Die From A Panic Attack? What The Science Says – Health Digest

Panic attacks are sly thieves that rob you of your breath and make the world feel like it’s falling around you. As you struggle to catch your breath, the thought crosses your mind that you might not make it out of the attack alive. However, having a panic attack in the middle of the office […]

1 min read

You’re More Likely To Have A Heart Attack During This Time Of Year – Health Digest

From cooking to shopping, hosting, traveling, and more, it’s easy to become distracted and forget to get in those 8 glasses of water each day. “The holidays are a busy, often stressful, time for many of us,” Dr. Mitchell S.V. Elkind, American Heart Association Chief Clinical Science Officer, told the AHA Newsroom. “Routines are disrupted; […]