16 Jul, 2024
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These ‘Silent’ Medical Conditions Are More Dangerous Than You Think – Health Digest

While not all silent diseases are avoidable, many are significantly influenced by environmental factors, making prevention and treatment more attainable through healthy lifestyle changes. For example, conditions such as CAD and diabetes, both considered silent in their early stages, are largely preventable and particularly responsive to modifications in diet and exercise (via Healthline). According to […]

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How TikTok’s ‘Silent Walking’ Trend Can Help Your Mental Health – Health Digest

Lalah Delia, a certified spiritual practitioner and author of the mindfulness book “Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power,” told Today¬†that silent walking isn’t a new concept.¬†“Zen Buddhist monks have long practiced silent walking under a different name which they call “walking meditation,’” explained Delia. Even before this trend came along, proponents of mindfulness have often […]