01 Dec, 2023
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How Walking Can Predict Your Risk Of Dying From Heart Disease – Health Digest

Other studies have found similar results. A 2006 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that walking at an average pace can reduce your risk of dying from heart disease by 24% compared to slow walkers. Even though these studies asked people to make their best guess of their walking pace, the six-minute walk […]

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Walking Vs Biking: What Burns More Calories? – Health Digest

Think about it. If you want to walk, all you have to do is get outdoors and start. At the most, you’d require a decent pair of walking shoes to get you going. There’s a lot more opportunity for it and spaces in which you can adapt and still get your steps in each day. […]

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How TikTok’s ‘Silent Walking’ Trend Can Help Your Mental Health – Health Digest

Lalah Delia, a certified spiritual practitioner and author of the mindfulness book “Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power,” told Today that silent walking isn’t a new concept. “Zen Buddhist monks have long practiced silent walking under a different name which they call “walking meditation,’” explained Delia. Even before this trend came along, proponents of mindfulness have often […]