04 Dec, 2023
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What It Means When Your Nose Burns – Health Digest

Frostbite is a painful condition that affects your body’s extremities when exposed to extreme cold. NHS states that it can happen at any temperature below 31 degrees Fahrenheit. While frostbite can occur anywhere, it’s most common on the nose, lips, feet, hands, and ears. The symptoms of frostbite to look for include burning, skin that’s […]

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What It Means When Your Poop Burns – Health Digest

One of the more severe conditions attributed to burning defecation is rectal cancer. This disease is grouped with colon cancer as colorectal cancer, and it’s caused by the overgrowth of malignant cells within the rectum and colon. However, it’s typically a slow-developing cancer (via Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center). Risk factors for rectal cancer include […]

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Walking Vs Biking: What Burns More Calories? – Health Digest

Think about it. If you want to walk, all you have to do is get outdoors and start. At the most, you’d require a decent pair of walking shoes to get you going. There’s a lot more opportunity for it and spaces in which you can adapt and still get your steps in each day. […]