01 Dec, 2023
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How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Fart? – Health Digest

As for really loud toots, the same answer applies, per medical director of the weight management and bariatric surgery program at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, Dr. Matthew R. Pittman (via Women’s Health). “Even if you experienced the most violent, explosive fart you can imagine, it would be pretty difficult to burn calories during it,” explained the doctor.  But […]

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What Happens To Your Muscles When You Don’t Eat Enough Calories – Health Digest

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is how many calories your body needs to keep your body functioning. Everyone’s BMR is different, depending on your body size, age, and sex. Although you can estimate your BMR or use a wearable tracker to detect it, women shouldn’t reduce their calories below 1,200 calories. Men should consume at […]

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Walking Vs Biking: What Burns More Calories? – Health Digest

Think about it. If you want to walk, all you have to do is get outdoors and start. At the most, you’d require a decent pair of walking shoes to get you going. There’s a lot more opportunity for it and spaces in which you can adapt and still get your steps in each day. […]