Habits That Increase Your Risk Of Getting The Flu – Health Digest
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Habits That Increase Your Risk Of Getting The Flu – Health Digest

Exercise can have many health benefits, like helping with blood pressure, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But too much might leave you more susceptible to the flu, according to TODAY. “Regular exercise is actually great for your body, good for your immune system,” according to gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj. “But if you’re overdoing it, over-exerting yourself, you’re not hydrating properly, you could actually depress your immune system and be more prone to getting an infection.” 

Additionally, MedlinePlus notes that when it comes to specific illnesses, exercise boosting immunity is theoretical. For example, exercise might help move white blood cells and antibodies more quickly throughout the body, which might allow them to defend the body better against illnesses. Would this keep a person from contracting the flu? In theory, maybe, but more research is needed.

So, how should one approach exercise during flu season? Dr. Raj has different recommendations depending on how often one is currently working out. For someone who already does physical activity on a regular basis, she recommends maintaining that routine. MedlinePlus also emphasizes that such individuals maintain their regular exercise routine instead of increasing exercise in an effort to improve one’s immunity. Dr. Raj advises that someone new to working out begin by exercising for half an hour either daily or five days per week. With that said, it’s wise to speak with a healthcare professional before starting or changing a workout routine.

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