What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Don’t Drink Enough Water – Health Digest
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What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Don’t Drink Enough Water – Health Digest

Have you ever noticed how you get a headache and feel tired when you’re not drinking enough water? This is one of the indirect ways in which not drinking enough H20 can impact your sex life. Water, as noted before, also keeps your muscles and joints working in top condition. All of these factors are important when you’re trying to get intimate with your partner. Sex is a physical activity, not unlike playing ping pong or any such mild to moderate-level exertion. 

“Staying hydrated helps maintain our energy levels by keeping muscles energized. Plus, dehydration can manifest as fatigue or low energy, so staying hydrated will help prevent that,” shared registered dietician, Rima Kleiner (via NBC News). A 2011 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that dehydration caused impaired memory function, tension, and anxiety in men. Sex is very much connected to how you feel mentally, both for men and women, and not feeling great in your mind can affect how you feel in the bedroom. 

Even when it comes to an orgasm, having enough fluid in you is associated with great climaxes, per Allo Health, for everyone involved. Drinking enough water can affect a man’s fertility too, as hydration is correlated to semen volume and sperm concentration. Now that you know how getting enough water can enhance your sex life, let’s look at some mistakes you’re probably making when drinking water and what you can do to build better hydration habits. 

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