24 Sep, 2023
1 min read

What An Expert Has To Say About WaterTok’s Divisive Water Trend – Health Digest

Some TikTok users who’ve had bariatric surgery laud WaterTok to help them with hydration, since carbonated beverages are off-limits post-surgery (via the New York Times). One TikTok user, Erienne Higgins, says she never drank any flavor packets before having bariatric surgery. “I didn’t like anything sweet like that. I could not do it, she said […]

1 min read

The Best Drinks To Have After A Workout (That Aren’t Water) – Health Digest

If you love the sweet and nutty taste of coconut, coconut water can certainly be an option to rehydrate after a sweaty workout. And, with its natural electrolytes and digestive-friendly composition (no gut-wrenching sweeteners or additives), it may even be a better alternative to sports drinks. Chloride, sodium, and potassium are three essential electrolytes necessary […]