30 May, 2024
14 mins read

Turning dreams into reality: a step-by-step guide to manifesting what you want in 2024 

Can you really turn your dreams into reality? Holistic health & wellbeing practitioner Nicci Roscoe says you can. Here is her step by step guide to manifesting what you want in 2024 Manifesting is an exciting and powerful process that helps you receive what you really want by focusing your intent on it and making […]

1 min read

Why We Hear Noises In Our Dreams – Health Digest

While outside sources can contribute to the sounds you hear during sleep, they can also be part of your echoic memory (sound memory). According to WebMD, echoic memory is stored in the brain’s long-term memory. Per research published in the journal Sleep, 53% of dreams can be traced to past memories, so talking to your sister […]

1 min read

What It Means If You Die In Your Dreams – Health Digest

Dying in your dreams doesn’t always mean you’re in the throes of a life transition, however. For some people, it can alternatively indicate anxiety around death itself — referred to medically as “thanatophobia,” explains the Cleveland Clinic. “The majority of human beings are relatively unsure about their own death,” Sumber told HuffPost. “[Many people] wonder when […]