29 May, 2024
1 min read

Being In Love Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Heart Health – Health Digest

In 2017, the American Heart Association ran a study tracking the progression of heart disease amongst married and unmarried individuals. The study found that single, unmarried individuals were significantly more likely to suffer heart attacks or death from cardiovascular illnesses. A purported theory for this phenomenon lies in the connection between heart disease and stress. […]

10 mins read

Does the perfect partner exist or should we compromise to find love?

Wherefore art thou Richard St Bain? My dear trio, if only I could fuse you all into one. Love, Lust, London’s Ksenia Lavrentieva reveals her 80/20 theory on how to find love  Every one is looking for their happily ever after, and in many cases this involves finding ‘the one’. For some this can be […]

9 mins read

Love, sex & dating apps – questions unanswered – Healthista

Date me tender, Tinder. In a world where love, sex and dating apps are intrinsically intertwined, how does one find their true love from their next fling? ‘The forever never after’. ‘Till swipe do us part’. Can we really find a true ‘ever after’ or at least a ‘longer than night after’, in the era […]