17 Apr, 2024
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A Mental Health Expert Debunks The Biggest Myths About Therapy – Health Digest

Another reason why people might resist therapy is they don’t know where to start in finding the right therapist. Kruger suggests finding a directory where you can search for a therapist that suits your personality and style. You can also browse by their location and area of specialty. Good Therapy and Mental Health Match offer […]

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Dangerous Sex Myths From TikTok You Should Stop Believing – Health Digest

There are a number of online myths circulating about having sex during menstruation. These can range from it being considered “gross” to having it cause pain, fatigue, and muscle aches. In fact, a 2018 survey from Clue and the Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team showed that just 15% of women engage in sexual activity during their […]

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11 Protein Myths You Should Stop Believing – Health Digest

The debate over whether animal-based proteins surpass their plant-based counterparts is a myth that warrants examination. Per a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the human body relies on approximately 20 different amino acids to assemble proteins. While some amino acids can be produced by the body, nine are deemed essential, […]