22 Jul, 2024
1 min read

Complete Proteins You Should Add To Your Diet For Better Health – Health Digest

You may also want to add some poultry to your menu. In addition to its status as a complete protein, poultry is a good source of iron, zinc, B12, and iodine, and even contains some omega-3s. Though it may be minimal (3 ounces of chicken contains just 0.03 grams of omega-3s, according to WebMD), every little […]

7 mins read

Hair loss: a complete guide – Healthista

Healthista sat down with Hannah Gaboardi, a leading trichologist and hair health expert, to discuss male and female hair loss, why it happens and how to treat it Our hair is an important symbol of our appearance and more broadly, our self-esteem. However, hair loss can greatly affect self-image and confidence.   Hair loss is an […]