16 Jul, 2024
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The Unexpected Reason Your Body Hair Looks Like A Corkscrew – Health Digest

Along with gum bleeding and the presence of small, red-purple spots at the base of the hair follicle (known as perifollicular hemorrhages), corkscrew hairs are one of the main signs of vitamin C deficiency (via StatPearls). In a 2015 case report published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, a white man in his late 30s with […]

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Hair loss – the ‘fall out’ of Ozempic? This new treatment can help – Healthista

Leading hair doctor launches CALECIM hair restoration to address growing numbers of patients reporting increase hair loss from Ozempic use  In midlife hair quality changes, shock hair shedding often occurs but with many of us now taking Ozempic, this midlife challenge is being exacerbated. Leading hair expert Dr Munir has reported an increase in women […]

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Unfortunate Health Drawbacks Of Your Hair Color – Health Digest

There are many sides to mental health, with our genes, biology, lifestyle factors, and social conditions all thought to play a role. In a 2023 literature review published in the Journal of Depression and Anxiety, researchers analyzed the relationship between hair color and symptoms of anxiety and depression. One study found that people with black […]

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The Strange Reason We Have Hair On Our Butts – Health Digest

With nearly 8 million subscribers, the hosts of the SciShow YouTube channel explore viewers’ most burning scientific questions. Butt hair was the subject of one particular episode back in 2016, in which YouTuber Hank Green offered the theory that the hair between our buttocks may have helped our early ancestors find a mate. It sounds […]

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The Rarest Hair Features A Person Can Have – Health Digest

Generally isolated to childhood, uncombable hair syndrome is another rare hair feature a person can have that is unique to kids, explains the Cleveland Clinic. Children with this genetic condition have hair on their head growing in various different directions rather than all strands growing down towards the floor. With signs usually emerging around the […]

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What Happens To Your Hair When You Eat Peanut Butter Every Day – Health Digest

One of the reasons you might have taken peanut butter off the menu was to cut fat out of your life. There is no denying that peanut butter has fat (100 grams of peanut butter has 49 grams of total fat), but it’s essential to remember that not all fat is bad. Trans fats and […]

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This Type Of Human Hair Can’t Actually Grow Back – Health Digest

According to the National Institutes of Health, any damage to these specialized cells in humans and other mammals can lead to irreversible hearing loss because of the cells’ inability to regenerate. In contrast, non-mammals like reptiles, fish, and birds possess the ability to regenerate theirs and, consequently, recover from hearing loss. To be specific, damaged […]

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Does Hair Keep Growing Even After Death? – Health Digest

According to a team of medical professionals (via a 2007 study article published in the BMJ), the short answer is that no, human hair does not continue to grow after one’s death.  The growth of one’s hair and nails requires a hormonal regulation sequence that does not, and cannot, occur after death. Underneath hair follicles lies […]

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Where You Live Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Hair – Health Digest

According to research released in 2019, there might be a link between hair loss and air pollution, more specifically, dust and diesel particulate matter (PM). After exposing human follicle dermal papilla cells (HFDPCs) to these air pollutants, the study’s authors assessed protein levels in hair follicles responsible for hair growth (β-catenin).  As lead author Hyuk Chul Kwon […]

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The Way You Wash Your Hair May Be Doing More Damage Than You Think – Health Digest

When you’re in a hurry to get out the door for an important appointment, you might be tempted to rush through a shower and this might result in you not properly wetting your hair before you shampoo it. It might also mean that you rush through the post-shampoo rinse, just so you can apply conditioner […]