30 May, 2024
9 mins read

Can diet and supplements help manage PMS? – Healthista

Can diet and supplements help manage PMS?  Rob Hobson, a Registered Sports Nutritionist who works with the Healthspan supplement brand, tackles whether supplements and diet can help with PMS  Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) represents a significant cause of various physical, emotional, and social challenges experienced by numerous women of reproductive age before their menstrual period. The […]

1 min read

Where Is PMS Bites From Shark Tank Season 7 Today? – Health Digest

Green shared that PMS Bites had made a little over $13,400 in sales over the course of seven months and that she had spent the last two months zeroing in on her retail marketing strategy (via The DIY Entrepreneurs). Robert Herjavec asked outright why the product wasn’t selling, to which Kevin O’Leary followed up calling […]