16 Jul, 2024
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Uncommon Foods That Are An Excellent Source Of Protein – Health Digest

Nutritional yeast (or nooch) may not sound appealing to the typical American, but the English have relied on it for close to a century. Chemists knew of its benefits dating back to the early 1900s (via┬áBritannica). A waste product from brewing, this leftover yeast was manufactured by the English into Marmite to serve as both […]

1 min read

One Type Of Exercise Is Excellent For Your Skin, According To A New Study – Health Digest

The study compared aerobic training and resistance training in skin aging in inactive middle-aged women in Japan. They had half of the women use a stationary cycle twice a week, and the other half lifted weights twice a week. After 16 weeks, the researchers noted that both groups had improved the elasticity of their skin, […]