30 May, 2024
1 min read

False Facts About Sex You Always Thought Were True – Health Digest

The term “safe sex” can be used somewhat loosely. Yes, deciding to practice oral or anal sex can be a good alternative for couples who are looking to be intimate and avoid pregnancy. However, that doesn’t mean that either option is completely safe. According to Better Health, both oral and anal sex can still carry the […]

1 min read

Weird Scientific Facts About Your Mustache You Probably Didn’t Know – Health Digest

You’ve been trying to grow out your mustache and haven’t gotten much past the pencil ‘stache phase. You, however, would like to grow a Tom Selleck mustache that will make all your friends envious. Your diet can play into getting a rich mustache that curls around your upper lip. Low testosterone can work to hinder […]

8 mins read

Sunscreen, redness & vitamin D – 12 surprising facts about the sun and your skin

Whether you’re off to Barbados or Brighton, here’s what you need to know to protect your skin with sunscreen and still get a glow about you this summer Whether you’re off to Barbados or Brighton, it’s sunny and you’ve the whole skin protection thing to negotiate. That’s when SPFs, UVAs, UVBs can spell a big […]